Mother Mamata Mahal Mother is the water of thirst, Mother is the river of love Mother is the child’s best friend.

Mother is the medicine of pain, mother is happiness in the midst of pain. Mother is the twinkling of the moon, mother is the owner of heaven.

Mother and child relationship should be like hand and eye. When the hand hurts, the eyes cry, and when tears fall in the eyes, wipe them with the hands. Time changes, people change, memories fade but mother’s love does not change. Mother’s debt is never to be repaid. Let’s not swear that all the mothers of the world are the key to the success of the child’s journey.

Let’s sign up and download Mother Wallet and Exchange to honor all the mothers of the world. Congratulations to all from Mother.

So, on behalf of Mother World Chain, respectful greetings to all the mothers of the world.

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